No one wants to have extra fat on their body, not only it looks bad, but it is also unhealthy. You probably already know that extra weight can lead to many medical conditions, like diabetes, increased blood pressure, heart diseases, stroke and few others, which was also proved by few researches and studies. Extra weight can have negative effect on self-confidence and morale, which will have negative impact on the state of mind and the body too. However, the obesity is a usual problem today around the world and it looks like it is getting worse. Many people are ignoring it, but the back fat is very dangerous condition. This is because most of the people are focusing on their belly, not on their backsides. But it is very important to know how to get rid of the back fat, and that should be priority.

How to Get Rid Of Back Fat Easily and Quickly At Home

The Causes of Back Fat- The Bra

It is these days when we started to hear about the phrase “back fat”. When a person pass by you, and you notice that the backside of its side shirt isn’t lying flatly on the skin, then it is got to be back fat. It is a fat on the back side of the body, and It can be lower back fat, fat around the belly, buttocks, upper back fat around the shoulders or the spine.

1. Not wearing the bra properly

This is one of the most usual causes for back fat. Many women are wearing the bra incorrectly. They are putting the arms through its shoulder straps and then fasten the back side of their bra. But they don’t do the most important thing, which is pulling it back down to anchor below the blades of the shoulder. If the bra is not adjusted well, it will creep up and push the climb up. This can lead to back fat. But the proper adjustment of the bra can help in removing the back fat.

2. A bra with a big band size

Another cause of back fat is when you wear a bra where the band size is too large. Many women are not aware of this problem, but if the bind is not tight enough back fat will appear. Unfit bind size will make the bra to climb up and push the skin up. The right bind size will wedge the bra’s back. It will be fixed on the right place and give your back the nice look. Remember that your bra is also about how your back side will appear, not only your breasts.

3. A skimpy bra

If the back and wings of the bra are extremely small, it is very possible that back fat will appear. A broadly back and sides will make your skin flatter and you will have a lower swelling. You should wear bra with broadly back and sides than some small bra that can result with back fat.

Health and Lifestyle Reasons for Back Fat

However there are many health and lifestyle problems that can lead to back fat. If you are trying to lose some back fat, you should keep in mind these causes.

  • Activity level

Many people are not having enough activities as they should have. The computer is one of the main reasons. When you don’t have some activities, the body will store the fat. But with additional activities the body will need extra fuel, so after burning the stored sugar, the body will start to use the fat.

  • Dietary Habits

It is crucial for you to know what you are eating and drinking. Check where your food products are coming from, are you using processed food that is full of preservatives and additives. Or is the food you are using in your diet from natural origin. The fast food you are consuming has an amazing taste, but you need to know that this food is not healthy for you. It is full with calories, fats, sodium, added sugar and carbohydrates. The body needs some of them for normal functioning, but with this fast food you will only build up extra weight. The back fat will appear when diet full in calories, sugars and fats is consumed.

Often, the intake of medicines can lead to extra weight and back fat, but it is not so bad because you can remove the back fat once you stop using them. Still, the main reason for extra fat on your body is inadequate nutrition and a stagnant way of life. These are the usual trespassers.

Age and Back Fat

The aging is another reason for appearing of back fat. It is well known that the skin’s strength is reduced with age. This is unavoidable for everyone and is included in the aging process. With the extra weight the skin becomes more yielding and soft.

Continuous hacking on the back can be caused from any form-fitting clothes. There are several ideas and tips for older ladies who are asking for advices how to remove back fat. You can wear camisoles as a substitution for the bra. It is smoother and it will provide you the support needed around your waist.

How Can I Lose Back Fat

It can be useful to know every single reason for the back fat, but more reasonable question is, how can you remove the back fat? Here are some tips for you.

Before starting, you should keep in mind that it is not possible to focus on one part of your body, though it looks like you have concentrated more fat on some particular areas of the body. If there is a fat on your back, it is very possible that you have fat in other areas too. Follow the directions and you will surely get rid of that fat. You should start as soon as possible because the obesity is very bad and dangerous condition.

Exercises to Lose Back Fat

In order to lose the extra weight you need to train the whole body to lose fat, not only a specific part. You will have noticeable results. You can concentrate on strengthening and toning on a specific area, and you will lose fat too.

1. Pull-ups

It works for back muscles and biceps

With pull-ups you will tone and shape the muscles on your back. The normal pull-ups are the most recommended, where you are using your hands faced out and grip the bar. You should make sets of ten, twice at day. It is easier to make the chin-up pose, where your hands are facing you. This options doesn’t impact your biceps very much, so you should make the second option like negative pull-ups, assisted pull-ups and the TRX assisted inverted tow.

2. Push-ups

It works for chest and back.

This exercise is affecting the chest, but it is good for your back too. Put your hands on the ground and lift your body from the ground. In this way you will engage your back as you get lower into a contracted pose. Hold for 3 seconds and push up, and contract your chest in the same moment. You should do several sets of 10 through the day.

3. Rowing machine

It works for muscles in the legs and back

There is a good reason why these machines are very popular these days. They are considered as one of the best back fat workouts. It impacts the back with the rowing movements. You should get one of those machines, it will only bring you benefits.

4. Dumbbell row

It works for arms and upper back

Place one of your knees on a table or bench. Get some weight (3-5 pounds) on your hand and bend forward easily until your back comes in a flat position. Pull your arm back like when you are rowing. Your upper back will contract and the elbow needs to be at the side of your body as you are moving. Complete a set of 12 and switch your hand.

5. Upper body cycle

It works for triceps and back

Not many people are using the upper body bike in the gym. It is good for the body because it is effective against lower back fat, and also for your triceps and the whole back. Use it for 5 minutes and you will have great results. You can use it backwards too for better results.

You should do these exercises 2-3 times at week. This will be enough, but keep in mind that you are not obligated to implement all 5 exercises in one day. Do at least 3 of the mentioned 5 exercises in one day. You will need to alternate a bit if you like to achieve better results, and to maintain the sessions interesting.

Keep in mind that with these back fat exercises you will surely achieve better posture and get a toned good looking back. You will surely be able to remove the back fat.

Turn Up the Cardio

You should consider cardio if you intend to remove the fat from your back. According to USDA everybody should do cardio exercises minimum five times at week with sessions up to one hour. Cardio is very effective for losing fat. If you like you can make the cardio exercises more intensive. You can try interval training, switching between recovering and pushing the body. This will result with “afterburn effect”, where your body will lose additional calories after exercising. In this way you can lose up to 200 calories daily. You will lose calories even when you are sleeping. This method is more effective than the steady-paced exercises.

How Can I Lose Back Fat with Yoga Poses

Yoga is highly recommended for losing weight. Yoga asanas is very helpful.

  • Attain all-round fitness
  • Eases stress and provides inner peace
  • Boosts the energy
  • Helpful in attaining better posture and flexibility
  • Lose weight including back fat too

1. Side Fierce

It works for upper back, quads and glutes

This is how you should do it- Stand with your feet coupled and bend the knees while inhaling. Lower your hips while raising your arms over the head. Now breathe out during crossing the right elbow to the exterior part of the left knee. Maintain your hands pressed together and push the bottom elbow against the thigh. Try to rotate and lift the chest increase the twist. Pull the right hip slowly, but make sure that your knees are parallel.

Count to five and breathe in, while pressing your lift for lifting the torso. Breathe out and cross the left elbow to the right outer knee. Again, count to five and inhale.

2. Warrior

It works for shoulders and the back.

This is how you do it- Stand at the top of a rug with both feet coupled together. Then concentrate your weight on your left leg and put the right leg behind you. Maintain your torso balanced parallel with the floor. Strain your arms in front of you straight. Draw the navel to your spine and hold this position while counting to three and inhaling.

3. Half Moon

It works for the sides of the torso and the back

This is how you should do it- Step with your right food forward holding it between your hands. Stand up and reach the warrior pose by opening your arms, chest and hips. Then concentrate your weight on the right foot and raise the left foot. Keep the right palm on the ground below the shoulder. Bend the right knee and keep in mind that the weight should be distributed equally between your foot and right hand. Bring up your left arm while you are looking towards the ground. Maintain this position and count to five during inhaling.

4. Straight- Arm Triangle

It works for upper body and legs

This is how you should do it-Step up forward with your right food and hold your right leg straight while you lengthen your right arm as far as possible. Try to reach beyond the right toes. Then lower your right hand and reach the floor. Hold it at the right shin’s front. Concentrate your weight at the heels. Stretch your upper hand over to your ears and make sure it is parallel to the floor. It needs to look like a triangle. Stretch both sides of your ribs evenly and draw your navel to the spine as you are doing so. Keep this position and count to five while inhaling. Do the same for the left side once you are finished with the right side.

5. Side Plank

It works for the arms, sides of your torso, abs and back.

This is how you should do it- Hold your feet coupled with your toes touching. Move your right hand to the left and roll over to your right during holding the right heel down. Balance on the external side of your right foot. Put your left arm above you, along your ear. Try to maintain this position and count to 5 while inhaling. Do the same for your left side.

6. Dolphin Plank

It works for the shoulders, arms, abs and back.

This is how you should do it. Lay down on the rub at the beginning. Lean on your elbows and take your feet as far back as you can. Hold your body in a straight line. The shoulders need to be placed above the elbows. Keep this position and count to five while inhaling.

Important Tips to Get Rid of Back Fat

1. Shop well to shed the back fat

You probably didn’t know that you can lose back fat by getting the right clothes. It is true that this is not the most effective for losing fat, but it is a smart choice that will give you quick results, and you will feel more comfortable. As you have already read, many women aren’t wearing the proper bra, even it is too tight for them they will continue wearing the same bra. So you should get a new bra, the one that will make you feel comfortable. You will feel more comfortable in flattering clothes and there will be less stress while dressing. You can reduce the back fat too.

2. Eat Smarter

Be careful about the food you are consuming, how much and when you are consuming it. If you are eating large amounts of food, then you will have to make restrictions as much as you can. You need to be aware that processed foods are very unhealthy food for you. They will add extra weight and make more problems too. You need to start using natural foods for cooking. Find some fat-burning recipes for lunch, breakfast and dinner. For example, you can make a spiced green tea, spinach and avocado, or a cholate chia cherry smoothie. These recipes are extra delicious. You can find many effective fat-burning recipes out there.

The breakfast is the most important meal through the day and make sure you never skip it. Eat less during the meals, and more frequently trough the day. Completely avoid alcoholic drinks. If you can’t avoid the alcoholic beverages, you can drink with moderation in one day in a week. These measures will surely help in reducing the back swellings.

How to lose back fat for women is one of the most important questions. This is common problem. Whatever on what age, there is no women that will like to have back fat on her body. It doesn’t look good and is implicating poor health. Don’t lose hope if you are experiencing this issue. Follow the directions and you can get rid of the back fat. Your answer to how to eliminate the back fat is: pick the correct bra, wear right clothes, consume good nutritious food and implement several exercises. Then the back fat will go away for good.

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No one wants to have extra fat on their body, not only it looks bad, but it is also unhealthy. You probably already know that extra weight can lead to many medical conditions, like diabetes, increased blood pressure, heart diseases, stroke and few others, which was also proved by few researches and...