No matter how hard you try, you fail to get rid of excess weight? If you are already tired of failed diets and frustrated because of it, perhaps the popular Dr. Mehmet Oz (who started his media career in the show with Oprah Winfrey, and now has his own TV show, which is breaking records of viewership) has a solution for you.The Best Weight Loss Tips from Dr. Oz

Over the years, full of experience he collected simple tips that really help with weight loss. And even better – they will include strict diets.

Some of these tips are already well known, so there is no need of further explanation:

  • Make sure to get enough sleep (at least 7 hours a day)
  • When you are hungry, drink water, because it is possible you are thirsty
  • Do not starve
  • Do not give up the diet if you have already started
  • Do not eat while watching TV or reading
  • Use small plates
  • Be active as much as you can

Some of these tips you already know, and here are some that you may not know:

Chop the food

So you can reduce the amount of food you eat and to fool the brain that you are eating more. When you chop the food on your plate that actually takes up more space and the serving looks larger. A look at the full plate sends signals to the brain that you need to slow down eating and that you are almost full. Studies show that people, who eat chopped food that seems denser, eat 25 percent less than the rest.

Barley for Breakfast

Stop eating pate or salami bread and switch to barley. It is the food that will make you feel full sooner. One serving contains 5 grams of barley fiber, which means that you will be satisfied longer.

Sour before meal

Pickled vegetables (pickled) contain secret weapon: acid (vinegar). The acid in the food helps to maintain the level of glucose and insulin levels in the normal range. It is enough to take two pickles before meals and eat less.

Eat a bowl of hot soup

A bowl of hot soup before lunch will help you enter fewer calories. How? Eating the hot soup slowly gives the brain time to realize that your stomach is full, so you eat less during the main meal. Avoid dense soups from bag, they have a lot of fat and calories.

Cheese snack

Recent research has shown that replacing the snacks, chips with cheese with reduced fat and vegetables can reduce the amount of ingested food for 72 percent. The combination of cheese and vegetables gives enough calcium and protein, so you will not eat much to feel satiety.

Order a child serving

If you get an unstoppable craving for fast food, choose a smaller serving. This will satisfy your desire and you will not enter twice the calories. Portions of adults have a lot more calories. This procedure will help you lose weight.

Carbohydrates for breakfast

We mentioned barley, but as another option you can choose other healthy cereals or whole grain products. So to satisfy the daily need for carbohydrates you’ve got a whole day to spend them. Also, these carbohydrates will get enough energy you need for the rest of the day to be active.

Rooibos tea

This naturally sweet tea without caffeine will help you reduce your desire for food and sweets. In addition, it is rich in antioxidants that are very beneficial for your body and health. Drink a cup of tea when you feel hunger or desire for something sweet.

Inhale vanilla

It is well known that the different flavors and aromas have a great impact on the human brain, and the scent of vanilla can prevent the desire to eat sweet. Get scented vanilla candles or buy a perfume with vanilla scent and smell it.

Brush your teeth before eating

The trick is in the peppermint from the toothpaste. This toothpaste is proven to kill appetite. With this move you are sending your brain a signal that you have finished eating, and you will not feel hungry for some time.

Hot for breakfast

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so here’s another tip: when you eat pungent breakfast, lunch appetite will be less, claims Dr. Oz. The taste of hot peppers affects satiety center in the brain, so later you will not be so hungry.

Eat before the main meal

Your mother was right, eating before lunch really destroys appetite. When it comes to weight loss you it is very handy. Half an hour before the main meal eat 15 grams of almonds or hazelnuts and a little fruit. It will help you not feel hungry and eat less for lunch, or if you want to eat more your stomach will alert you that there is no more space inside. Only an apple before eating will reduce your portion of the meal by 30 percent. Your Life HealthierBeautyDiet & Weight LossFruits and VegetablesHealthHealthy DrinksHealthy FoodRecipes
No matter how hard you try, you fail to get rid of excess weight? If you are already tired of failed diets and frustrated because of it, perhaps the popular Dr. Mehmet Oz (who started his media career in the show with Oprah Winfrey, and now has his own...