There are many fans of coffee. Most people reach for it once they wake up in the morning, while still half asleep. This is when most of the people have their first cup of coffee, but mostly they drink rubbish, because everyone thinks that the coffee ground that is left in the filter is being thrown away, and not used, but, unfortunately, things do not work like that. The truth is that this coffee, also known as black gold, does not have any value. However, it can be well used if you spread it on backing paper or on a flat plat and let it dry. And then, you can begin using these fourteen advantages of it, every day, and here are some tips how to do that.

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1. Fertilizer

Coffee grounds are pretty beneficial when used as a fertilizer. It is surprisingly abundant in numerous nutrients, among which are potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen, helping thus the plants to grow.

2. Cellulite-remedy

Almost all cosmetic products that the cosmetic industry places on the market are pretty expensive, and they are predominantly based on caffeine. Instead of buying one of these expensive creams, you can prepare a mixture in your own home. For this mixture you will need some oil and some coffee grounds, it is much cheaper and it has very similar effects as the cosmetic products.

3. Compost

Coffee grounds are very useful for your garden for example because worms love it. You might think that this is useless and filthy information, but it is not so, because this is brilliant. If you put some coffee grounds in your compost, many earthworms will come along and the whole area is going to become colonized. This is very good because the more earthworms in the soil, the higher the production.

4. Against snails

Unlike earthworms, snails do not like coffee. If you want to keep them away from your beets, just spread some coffee grounds across the soil and you can be certain that the snail won’t come visiting any more.

5. Against ants

Coffee has strong smell, so strong for the ants that they cannot stand it and they become blurred and cannot find their way through your beets to cause chaos and destruction. This is great, isn’t it?

6. Against wasps

The reaction of wasps to the coffee grounds’ aroma is sniffling as well. Moreover, you do not only have to lay it somewhere, but you should put it in a jar, safe from fires, and light it with a match or a lighter, so that it starts steaming. This smell is not noticeable for people, nor it has any harmful effects, but it keeps away even the most stubborn wasps in only seconds.

7. Cat fright

Coffee grounds have even more wider use. It is also being used for keeping stray cats away. If you deal with this problem, too, spread some coffee grounds here and there, and the cats will be kept away as if you have put some barrier.

8. Soap

The coffee grounds are able to make the skin firmer, as shown in the picture. But there is more to that. Namely, a coffee ground does not only make the skin firmer, but it also simultaneously provides a peeling effect. This means that you get three positive effects from only one product, which is great!

9. In the fridge

If you put foods with strong smell in the fridge, you know what is going to happen  – the fridge smells, no matter how many times you have cleaned it. However, did you know that only a cup of coffee grounds can neutralize the odors? But that is not everything; it will also make the rest of the stored food in the fridge even more appetizing.

10. Abrasive

Coffee grounds can be used for cleaning as well. The grains work as a detergent for cleaning different pots, pans and for scrubbing the surfaces. The best part is that you can clean your containers without using detergents that contain lots of chemicals, and you save money at the same time.

11. For hair

You can make your hair look full of energy and shine and revitalize it if you use the coffee grounds, which is rich in nutrients. However, we should mention that this method works for dark-hair types only, but it is very efficient.

12. Against bags under the eyes

Coffee helps you fight the tiredness in two ways: it wakes you up thanks to its aroma and taste, and it helps you against the signs of exhaustion on your face. Make a mixture of a little olive oil and a little coffee ground and bring the life on your skin back. If you have a coffee-pad machine than you have an advantage, because used coffee-pads are ideal for the natural eye shape.

13. Grill rust

Everyone deals with the burnt rust on the barbecue that sticks on it and no one likes to clean, because that is not that easy task. But, we offer you a simple and quick solution – using a sponge with some coffee grounds on it, rub the grill, and then rinse it off using warm water. It is almost like you have got a new barbecue.

14. Against fleas

When your dog is inflicted with fleas, it is not the only one that feels unpleasantly, right? You can get it rid of them with the use of, as you already suppose, coffee grounds. Take some moist coffee grounds and apply it onto your dog’s fur and skin, massaging it. It will eliminate the fleas and it will also make your dog smell nice. You both benefit in two ways.

You have always thought it is a by-product, but now you are surprised by all of its uses? You are not the only one.

So, share these interesting tips and tricks and give the coffee fans another reason to enjoy that one extra coffee.

Source: Your Life HealthierBeautyHealthRecipes
There are many fans of coffee. Most people reach for it once they wake up in the morning, while still half asleep. This is when most of the people have their first cup of coffee, but mostly they drink rubbish, because everyone thinks that the coffee ground that is...