Stretch marks can arise for many reasons! Prepare yourself and ensure the best skin possible with these tips on preventing stretch marks.

Stretch marks can arise for many reasons! 

For most people, poor diet and drastic weight changes are the cause. For some, genetic factors are to blame. You need to be wary of how you best to manage your body for strong, healthy skin.

 Prepare yourself and ensure the best skin possible. 

Below are 7 tips on preventing stretch marks.

1. Watch Your Weight

Rapid weight gain is the leading cause of stretch marks. Rapid weight gain stretches your skin suddenly. The stretching results in stretch marks. 

Rapid weight loss also causes drastic shrinking if skin. Either way, if you gain rapids or drastically lose weight, you are inviting the stretch marks. Therefore, be careful about diets that may cause unhealthy weight gain.

 If you are at the puberty stage, you are likely to put on so much unhealthy weight. Be cautious about controlling your portions and avoiding weight gain. Another predisposing factor related to weight gain in pregnancy. 

Expectant mothers usually battle with cravings. Most of the times, the craving is of unhealthy foods that increase the weight. The best way to handle this is to find an alternative to the sugar cravings. 

Eat small portions so that in the end, you consume less. If you are engaging in a sport, avoid steroids that double your already huge appetite. Monitoring your weight maintains your skin within its limits, thus preventing stretch marks.

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2. Stay Hydrated

The greatest and laziest way to prevent stretch marks is to stay hydrated. The benefits of hydration are twofold. One, taking lots of water, keeps your stomach full. Your appetite is under control. 

With this, there are very minimal chances of adding weight that causes stretch marks. Second, hydration helps to keep your skin elastic. The Archive Institute of Medicine, recommends that men take 104 ounces of water and 72 ounces for women. 

While moisturizing, remember not all fluids are excellent in maintaining skin elasticity. Caffeinated drinks downplay the role of drinking water. Caffeinated beverages increase the risk of developing stretch marks. Either flavor your water with blended fruits or use oils for external application.

 Bio oil, for example, is an excellent moisturizer. Apply in the areas that gain weight fast. Internal and external hydration nourishes your skin, protecting its stretch marks.

3. Skin Food

Like other parts of the body, the skin needs a variety of nutrients. A balanced diet, rich with fruits serves all the vitamins and minerals that the skin needs. Because you are focusing on skin health, be intentional with vitamin C. 

You can extract Vitamin C from citric fruits. This includes oranges, tangerines, and lemons. As you eat Vitamin C, your body produces Collagen, an element that boosts skin elasticity. 

Vitamin C is also bevy with antioxidants for the body. These prevent tissue damage that may cause stretch marks. Other than Vitamin C, include foods rich with Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) and B3 (Niacin) to keep your skin taut. 

Consider applying fruit masks that directly hydrate the skin. Cucumber, honey, and almond form the best hydrating masks. Blended smoothies are a source of colored pigments for skin repair and growth. 

Generally, you don’t have to master the foods and the nutrients. All you need to do is to increase the amounts of leafy green vegetables in your diet. 

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4. Soak in Vitamin D

This is nature’s gift to your skin. Straight for sunshine to your skin. Vitamin D is not only great for your skin but also overall body health. 

According to a report by the Archives of Internal Medicine, 77% of Americans are deficient of Vitamin D. The shortage of Vitamin D causes to arthritis, skin itches, and eczema. You cannot downplay the vital role of Vitamin D. 

By basking in the sun; your skin converts Vitamin D into usable forms. The absorbed vitamin D repairs the skin. This vitamin also has anti-inflammatory effects. 

This help to keep your skin as healthy as it should be. As you bask in the sun, remember not to expose yourself to the scorching sun. Unless covered in sunscreen, UV radiation may cause cancer and ugly sunburns. 

Be a good timer.

5. Eat Foods Rich in Zinc

A dermatologist has always prescribed Vitamin C tablets alongside Zinc tablets. This bears evidence that zinc is essential for skin health. Consuming foods rich zinc goes a long way in rejuvenating the skin. 

Zinc stimulates the production of collagen fibers that hold the skin intact. Remember to eat zinc foods alongside those rich in vitamin C.

6. Exercise

Exercise does its normal thing to revitalize the skin. The principal mechanism by which exercise works in that it improves blood circulation. When you exercise, your heart rate speeds and blood is pumped to all body parts. 

As blood flows, nutrients are redistributed throughout the body. The skin benefits from blood circulation as nutrients reach the skill cells. More than this, exercise routines that include stretching improve skin elasticity. 

With enhanced elasticity, the skin can expand gradually without succumbing to stretch marks. Exercise also prevents varicose veins and swelling of feet during pregnancy. Check this link for more information.

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7. Treatment

As much as you are working towards preventing stretch marks, observing your body for signs of stretch marks is important. If you are scared of stretch marks, you will definitely notice them as soon as they start to appear. The first sign of stretch marks is faint lines on the skin. 

As soon as they appear, take precaution. Apply oils recommended by dermatologist to prevent the stretch marks from growing. Most dermatologists recommend Bio Oil. 

Palmer’s cocoa butter cream and pure coconut oil fade away the threatening stretch marks too. Also, make lifestyle changes. Diet changes to maintain a healthy weight will paralyze the stretch marks. 

Preventing Stretch Marks

These preventative measures work across the board. They are practical for expectant mothers, teenagers, and, bodybuilders. The tips are also suitable for everyone predisposed to the risk of developing stretch marks. 

Integrating these lifestyle habits is proven to mitigate the risk of having stretch marks. Remember, stretch marks pose no health risk; they are just unsightly. Preventing stretch marks is mainly up to the individual.

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Stretch marks can arise for many reasons! Prepare yourself and ensure the best skin possible with these tips on preventing stretch marks. Stretch marks can arise for many reasons!  For most people, poor diet and drastic weight changes are the cause. For some, genetic factors are to blame. You need to be wary of how you...