Resistance bands are fun, portable, and provide great workout benefits! Read more about the amazing benefits of resistance bands.

The global resistance bands market will grow at a CAGR of approximately 12% between 2018 and 2022. This means that the workout industry is embracing the benefits of resistance bands in exercise. It’s not in vain that this is happening, as the use of the bands has been found to be quite useful.

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How Do Resistance Bands Work?

The bands work by adding an external resistance without having to hold the extra weight. Resistance bands provide resistance at varying degrees of difficulty ranging from light to extra heavy. There are looped or flat bands, and they come in various thickness ranges.

When anchored in the right position, you create the opposing force by pulling, pushing, or curling with your body weight.

They work similarly as free weights, but there are a few differences to note. Just like dumbbells or other free weights, the bands work by making your muscles engage in fighting tension. The difference is that weights rely on gravity to provide resistance.

Bands, on the other hand, require you to work against the force of the band.

These bands are, to a very great extent versatile, meaning they’re great for a variety of exercises. Use them for warm-ups or stabilization of the hips to get you in shape for training. When using them to enhance stability, start with the light resistance band, and then adjust accordingly.

Starting with heavier resistance bands limits your ability to reach your full potential. What are the benefits of resistance bands in exercise?

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1. They Tone and Strengthen Your Body

As you stretch the resistance bands, they create increased tension in the muscles, causing them to contract. The further you continue to stretch, the higher the resistance becomes. Consequently, the exercise becomes more laborious.

You can also increase resistance by holding the band in a way that increases tension. For example, you can bring your arms closer together when working out the arms. As you work against the resistance, you get to tone and strengthen your muscles and body.

2. Easy to Adapt to Multiple Fitness Levels

Resistance bands are flexible in their resistance levels. You can choose from among light, medium, or heavy resistance bands. Further, you can adjust the amount of resistance by adding more or less slack on the band.

Increase the challenge by combining multiple resistance bands.

3. Assistance to Difficult Exercises

Are there some problematic exercises you find hard to do? Use resistance bands to help you progress to the next level. One such activity is pull-ups. Attach the resistance bands under your knee or to the bar to work your way up unassisted.

As you do the pull-up exercise with the band, your weight gets supported, making the activity more accessible.

If you find it difficult to stretch, resistance bands are a fantastic addition to the stretching routine. They increase your flexibility and mobility, enabling you to increase your range of motion. You also get to deepen the stretch, while gently moving the body away or towards your body.

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4. Exercise the Whole Body

Unlike some of the other forms of exercises, resistance bands help you work out the whole body. The kits come with a range of suggested exercises for every part of the body. When you step on one end of the resistance band, you open up an opportunity for many other exercises.

5. Can Be Used With Other Equipment

Other benefits of resistance bands are that they can be used alongside other exercise equipment. For example, if you’re performing bicep curls, you have the benefit of combining the band with a dumbbell. This way, you’ll work out with both of them at the same time.

6. Resistance Bands are Effective Workout Equipment

There are significant differences between free weight and resistance band exercises. However, they’re both effective in helping you achieve your workout goals. While free weights feel heaviest at the beginning, resistance bands make the muscles work harder towards the end.

Either way, the body moves against resistance, giving your muscles an effective workout.

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7. Resistance Bands are Suitable for Almost Everyone

Resistance bands work in almost a similar fashion as your muscles. They contract to generate force for stabilization and control of the desired movement. However, unlike weights, the bands don’t rely on gravity to produce the resistance.

Thus, it means that the body can move and expand in some exercise in the whole range of motion. For example, you can lift your arms higher in a sidearm lift.

Resistance bands have been used for the rehabilitation of muscle-related injuries. This is because they don’t apply pressure in the same way that weights do. As such, they keep your joint and muscles safe.

People of all ages and fitness levels can, therefore, effectively exercise using resistance bands without the fear of causing injuries. Most of the exercises and stretches can be performed from a seated position.


There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the benefits of resistance bands. This is especially because they’re very affordable costing just under $10. All you need to remember is that the thicker the band, the more resistant it’ll be.  

Consequently, the harder the exercises will become. Go for a variety of resistance bands, so that you always have varying resistance to select.

Benefits of Resistance Bands – Final Thoughts

If you want to want to intensify your work out sessions, incorporate some resistance bands exercises. A resistance band helps your body get off its limits and comfort zone. The benefits of resistance bands in exercising are many, and you’ll soon be able to see body changes.

Incorporate the use of resistance bands in your daily work out as part of warming up or gaining stability. Use them to tone and strengthen your muscles while stretching to limits you initially couldn’t.

The good thing is that you can use the bands just about anywhere. Carry them with you wherever you go, and you never have to miss out your work out sessions. Besides, they’re quite affordable, so you have no reason not to have them.

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Resistance bands are fun, portable, and provide great workout benefits! Read more about the amazing benefits of resistance bands. The global resistance bands market will grow at a CAGR of approximately 12% between 2018 and 2022. This means that the workout industry is embracing the benefits of resistance bands in exercise. It’s not in vain...