Diane Naylor, a sixty-three-year old woman, retired, moved from Fresno to Oakhurst, California four years ago. Once she moved there, she was pretty excited about all of the new activities her new location was providing: biking trails on Yosemite, hiking paths, and a great climate to be outdoors.


There was only one problem: she had a lot more than 400 pounds and she did not want to go outdoors. Her excess body weight was making her feel miserable and depressed. She did not feel she could do all the things she wanted to, and she was not dynamic at all. Naylor had tried to reduce her body weight a number of times before, but none of the diet plans she was following worked for her, so she was constantly quitting. She even lost all of her hopes until she saw an episode of the TV show ‘Castle’, which motivated her and she decided to give it another try.

The lead actress in the TV show was telling the medical examiners that everyone should follow their dreams, and this was what made Naylor follow hers too. The actors were standing next to the corpses and pointed at them, saying that all those people once had dreams, but their time ran out, so no one should let this happen to them as well. No one should let them become a lamp which went off. Everyone has dreams and they should follow them and try and make them come true. This was a wakeup call for Naylor, so the next day, she started off with her new process for losing weight. Here is the process presented and explained, the process that helped Naylor lose 225 pounds, which we hope will help other people in similar situation as well.

1. You should start practicing this process NOW.

The first thing Naylor points out is that you should not wait. You won’t get any younger tomorrow, so you should not make excuses. She started this diet at the age of 59, which is a proof that everyone can accomplish their goals. Why wait for the next Monday to come, or the next month, or the next year? Now is the time you should start everything you ever wanted to.

2. Introduce small improvements to your lifestyle

the first change Naylor made was her walking along her driveway. At the start, it was a real challenge for her to get to the mailbox, as she was unbalanced, and she would even fall often times. Then, after she lost twenty pounds due to the walking and the fresh diet program, she started riding an indoor bicycle and started taking longer walks around her neighborhood. Now, she hikes four-mile trails and performs twenty-to-thirty-mile cycle rides accompanied by her niece. She had a goal of 10,000 steps a day and she does not stop until she achieves this goal. As Naylor points out, it is all about starting small, and then improving and upgrading the activity as you begin feeling stronger.

3. Find a support network

Naylor herself joined the Taking Off Pounds Sensibly team, also known as the TOPS, after she had lost 50 pounds on her own. This club helped her a lot as it gave her accountability and continuous help. She even attends their meetings every Monday, and got calls, email messages, and letters of encouragement from other group members when she first started.

Those Monday meetings helped Naylor maintain her balance through the weekends, the period she felt most tempted to cheat. Naylor suggests that if you do not have an access to a group of this kind, you should start one yourself. You should find people similar to you, people in similar situation, people who struggle with the same problems as you, as they are the ones that can understand you and assist you the most.

4. Make an effort and try eating something you haven’t eaten before

Naylor explains that she had learnt to eat seafood, even though she had not liked it before. She also bought an air fryer which helped her make it without fat and grease, and she actually found out that she liked the way it tasted.

5. Do not start with a ‘diet’

It was before joining the TOPS when Naylor had tried everything to lose weight, from Pounds Watchers to Jenny Craig, but the good results would always disappear soon.

This time, for a change, she stopped perceiving the changes she introduced as a ‘diet’, but instead, she simply approached them as small changes for a wholesome and longer life. She started consuming more vegetables, and she considerably reduced the intake of junk food.

According to Naylor, you can determine for yourself what works for you best, and what doesn’t.

6. Stick with your plan

The weight-loss plateaus are inevitable when it comes to walking this road, but in case that you stick it out, you will go on steadily and you will succeed in the process of losing weight.

Naylor warns that it might even take up to six or even eight weeks until the scale moves, but during this time, you will see the inches coming off your body. The point is, you must never quit.

7. Do not have more than one meal at a time

One of the greatest temptations when it comes to food is candy, snacks, and ice cream. The decision to stay healthy is actually a continuous struggle you will be facing every day. of course, sometimes this may feel overpowering, but, according to Naylor, you should see it as a decision to have one meal at a time, remain consistent and not let anything rock your boat.

Now, Naylor is 63, but she claims that she feels like 45, and that she is in fantastic shape. She can now perform all the fun outdoor actions in her community, and she is engaged in presenting and public speeches with respect to TOPS, the weight-loss club she is part of. Her motto is ‘if other can accomplish it, you can do it as well’. Start small, but make sure you start, without putting it off for the future.

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Diane Naylor, a sixty-three-year old woman, retired, moved from Fresno to Oakhurst, California four years ago. Once she moved there, she was pretty excited about all of the new activities her new location was providing: biking trails on Yosemite, hiking paths, and a great climate to be outdoors. There was...