What does “keto” mean?

The word “keto” comes from how it allows the body to produce small fuel molecules called “ketones.” Ketones refer to an alternative fuel source for the body, used when blood sugar (glucose) is in short supply.

The liver produces these ketones from fat that serve as a fuel source throughout the body, especially for the brain. The brain is a hungry organ and thus, consumes lots of energy every day, and it can’t run on fat directly, but can definitely function on the glucose or ketones.

On a ketogenic diet, it works such that your entire body switches its fuel supply to run mostly on fat storage, burning fat 24/7. When the insulin levels become very low, fat burning can increase dramatically. It becomes easier to access your fat storage/store to burn them off. This works great while one is trying to lose weight, but apart from this, there are also other less obvious benefits, such as less hunger and a steady supply of energy. This may help keep your body active, alert, and focused throughout the day.

When the body produces these ketones, it enters a metabolic state termed as Ketosis. The fastest way to get there though is by fasting – that is by not eating anything – but nobody can fast forever.

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Max Ketones: KETO/OS is a natural, nutritional ketone supplement that gives your body the required amount of ketones it needs in order to enter into the state of Ketosis and thus, achieve the benefits of ketones via supplementation. Therefore, it helps boost the ketone levels at various stages of your low-carbohydrate diet.

KETO/OS Max is a ketogenic diet supplement, as mentioned above. The very purpose of supplements is to fill in any nutritional gaps in your diet, enhance the convenience of your diet regimen or diet management, and boost your overall results. Although some supplements undoubtedly claim to offer incredible health benefits, none can replace the pillars of a proper diet strict regimen, routine exercise, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, which will help boost the ketone levels at different stages of your low-carbohydrate lifestyle. Thus, it’s one of the best available tools for anyone who aims to look as fit as they could be. To be precise, Keto OS Max is an essential energy drink that is specifically designed to help your body enter a state of Ketosis in a quick and structured manner.

By now, one would have probably got an understanding as to how difficult it is for your body to reach a state that you want to get into.

By the numbers, it could probably take weeks or even months of committed and stringent dieting and vigorous efforts to get your body to break through the barriers of carbohydrates and protein intake, and finally reach a stage where you begin burning fats for energy.

That’s exactly when Keto OS Max claims to play a role. But an obvious question arises, which is, “does it actually live up to its word?”

This ketone formula is being designed and marketed as the most ideal balance to support your body while it’s going through Ketosis and ensures that you get the best results possible.

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Ketosis is actually considered to be a mild form of ketoacidosis. Some people assume that Ketosis is extremely dangerous. However, going by what many experts say, “ketosis by itself is not necessarily harmful.” In fact, studies suggest that a ketogenic diet is safe for significantly overweight or obese people.

In short, Keto OS Max is an energy drink designed to help your body enter a state of Ketosis quickly in a well-planned fashion.

This allows you to fast-track the whole process and go way past the long waiting and common side effects that are typically associated with getting your body to reach that state.

The potential gain of Keto OS Max is that it allows you to enter a ketosis-like state much faster than what you could achieve by adopting a full keto diet alone.

On the downside, unlike the long-term stable Ketosis you typically achieve by way of a true keto diet, the effects obtained with Keto OS Max are short-lived. As a matter of fact, you will need to use it every day continuously in order to maintain the effects.

Although some claim that you can achieve true Ketosis in about an hour with this drink, it’s best to not rely on such information. While Ketosis is only achieved through dietary changes, the supplements can only make it easier to get there or be able to create similar effects.

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What is Ketosis?

Firstly, one needs to understand what the word “Ketosis” refers to. Ketosis is a word that you could probably come across when we are on the lookout for information related to diabetes or weight loss. Weight-loss further attributes towards a healthy lifestyle, thus improving one’s overall health.

Ketosis is a natural part of metabolism that happens either when your carbohydrate intake is very low (such as when on a ketogenic diet), or when you haven’t eaten for a long time.

Under both of the above-mentioned cases, they could lead to reduced insulin levels, which causes a lot of fat to be released from your fat cells. When this takes place, the liver gets flooded with fat, which converts a large part of it into ketones.

Hence, during the process of Ketosis, many parts of your body are burning ketones for energy instead of carbohydrates. This also includes a large part of the brain.

However, this process does not happen instantly. As a matter of fact, our body and brain take some time to “adapt” to burning fat and ketones instead of carbohydrates.

It’s during this adaptation phase that one could experience some short-term side effects. These are referred to as the “low-carb flu” or “keto flu.”

The Ketosis process and Ketogenic diets have been studied extensively and have shown to have major benefits for weight loss. The ketogenic diet is nothing but a very low-carbohydrate diet when compared to participants who are on a more traditional low-fat diet, or even a Mediterranean diet.

The Keto diet is very similar to Atkins and low-carb diets. The Keto diet involves a drastic reduction in carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat; it’s a high-fat diet that can help you burn fat more effectively. This reduction in the consumption of carbohydrates puts your body into a metabolic state called Ketosis.

The Low-Carb/Keto Flu

Initially, when you begin Ketosis, you may experience a range of negative symptoms that are often referred to as “low-carb flu” or “keto flu” only because they have symptoms similar to the flu.

They include:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Brain fog
  • Digestive issues
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Increased uncontrollable hunger
  • Poor sleep patterns
  • Nausea
  • Weight Loss

Side effects of Ketosis

Bad breath

One common side effect of Ketosis is bad breath, which is caused when the ketones are released by the liver, which includes organic compound acetone.  Therefore, acetone is the smallest ketone and is a byproduct of fat metabolism (which is a process by which fats are broken down).

Blood acetone levels are elevated with Ketosis, and your body gets rid of some of it via your breath.

Sometimes, even sweat and urine could also start to smell like acetone. In most cases, this unusual-smelling breath would go away within a few weeks itself.

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Leg Muscle Cramps:

During Ketosis, some people may experience leg cramps, which could be painful. The most common reason being loss of water and minerals in the body which could lead to dehydration and thus, your risk of leg cramps.

Causing Digestive Problems:

Dietary modifications could lead to digestive issues such as constipation as there is a reduction in both the fiber-intake as well the fluid-intake and retention. In some rare cases, people could also get diarrhea, which is uncommon.

Nevertheless, over a period of time, digestive issues could also be overcome.

Elevated Heart Rate/Heart Palpitations

Increased heart rate, also called heart palpitations or a racing heart, is also one of the side effects of Ketosis. It could happen during the first few weeks of a ketogenic diet.

Being dehydrated, caffeine intake, as well as low-salt intake, are the common causes.

However, if this problem continues to persist, you might need to increase your carbohydrate intake.

Other less common Side Effects of Ketosis are:

Ketoacidosis: A few cases of ketoacidosis or Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) (a serious life-threatening condition that occurs in uncontrolled diabetes) have been reported in cases of breastfeeding women, which are more likely triggered by a very low-carb diet; however, this is extremely rare.

Kidney stones: Some epileptic children have developed kidney stones on a ketogenic diet, although this is uncommon.

Increased cholesterol levels: Some people get an increased total cholesterol level (TCL) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels.

Why is Keto diet so beneficial for your body to get to that point?

It has many benefits include weight loss, health, and performance. This is as reported in over 50 studies. Hence, it’s also used and recommended by many doctors.

A keto diet has been proved to be especially useful when it comes to losing excess body fat without hunger, and also for reversing type 2 diabetes.

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Some of the other weight loss benefits are:

•    To achieve deep, fulfilling sleep

•    To breathe much easier

•    To be able to manage your risk for heart disease

•    To relieve the stress of urinary incontinence

•    To stop the burn of Acid Reflux Disease (GERD)

How do we Minimize the Potential Side Effects of Ketosis?

Below are some solutions that could help minimize the potential side effects of Ketosis:

  • Good amounts of water and fluid intake:

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water can be very beneficial to your health. A significant amount of weight in water is lost with a Ketosis diet, especially at the start, it has to be compensated.

  • Get enough salt-intake:

Sodium is a crucial electrolyte, which gets excreted in large amounts when carbohydrate intake is reduced. One has to replenish your salt by adding it to foods or when drinking the broth.

  • Increased mineral intake:

Foods that are high in magnesium and potassium may help relieve leg cramps.  

One has to avoid intense exercise: Do not push yourself too hard while your body is still adapting to the Ketosis process.

Stick to moderate levels of motion exercises in the first week or two.

First, try a low-carb diet: To facilitate the transition process further, it might help to reduce your carbohydrate intake to a moderate amount before trying a ketogenic (very low-carb) diet.

Eat fiber: A low-carb diet is not no-carb. Eat fiber-rich foods like nuts, seeds, berries, and low-carb veggies.

To summarize, there are a few ways to minimize/reduce the negative symptoms of Ketosis. These include drinking enough water (about six to eight glasses of water a day) and eating foods rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Although Ketosis is healthy and safe, it’s not suitable for everyone.

As stated above, being in Ketosis has been shown to have substantial benefits for certain people, especially for people with obesity or type 2 diabetes. The dietary approach has brought relief to children suffering from intractable epilepsy and has also helped in the management of drug-resistant Epilepsy.

Although Ketosis is generally healthy and safe, there are chances that people could generally experience some side effects. These could include the bad breath, “low-carb flu,” leg cramps, and some digestive issues.

However, these effects are usually short-term and should go away within a few days or weeks. Diet changes and lifestyle modifications can also help minimize these effects, though.

Exogenous ketones supplements are generally considered to be safe and provide an effective way to increase ketone body concentrations, but the long-term effects are unknown. Moreover, achieving Ketosis with ketone salts is not recommended due to the high amounts of minerals that you ingest.

Once the body is in Ketosis — that is burning fat instead of glucose — the keto diet is working. But you may not feel so great at first; hence, the term keto flu. Symptoms of the keto flu can include everything from headache, weakness, and irritability to constipation, nausea, and vomiting.

If despite your best efforts and the health regimen you follow, you’re still not losing weight on keto because it contains virtually no carbohydrates, a ketogenic diet forces your body to burn fat instead of glucose for fuel. Ketosis is the state your body enters when your liver effectively breaks down fats into ketones to use as energy.

Additionally, it’s to be noted that getting into Ketosis has its own share of pros and cons.  While it could result in a benefit for some people, it’s definitely not meant for everyone.

While some people could feel great and experience the phenomenal benefits on a ketogenic diet, on the contrary, others could feel and perform much better on a higher-carb diet. Well, this again depends on person to person and also depends on how rigidly the diet was being followed.

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More about Ketosis and ketogenic diets:

What is Ketosis, and is it Healthy? People often confuse Ketosis and ketoacidosis. While Ketosis is just a part of normal metabolism, ketoacidosis, on the other hand, is a dangerous metabolic condition that could also be fatal if left untreated.

In ketoacidosis, the bloodstream is flooded with exceptionally high levels of glucose, which is the blood sugar and ketones. When this takes place, the blood becomes acidic (a decrease in the pH level), which is seriously harmful.

Ketoacidosis is most commonly associated with uncontrolled type 1 diabetes, and although this is less common, it could also occur in people with type 2 diabetes. In severe cases, alcohol abuse is one of the majors that may lead to ketoacidosis.

What are the ingredients that help determine what is so great about this health drink they have for sale?

Apart from the benefits, the ingredients also determine as to why one should opt for this.

KETO//OS® MAX claims that it performs functions such as supports healthy cell function, rapidly repairs DNA, boosts immune function, and elevates essential amino acids necessary to optimize the body composition.


Dissolve 1 packet in about 1.5 glasses to 2 glasses (12-16oz.) of cold water & stir well to make sure the drink is dissolved and mixed well. It could be taken either with or without food.

The Pruvit’s patent-pending KETO//OS® MAX formula also claims that it contains exclusive bioidentical ketones that provide direct and unrivaled/unmatched when compared to other products when it comes to the human absorption to attain the maximum results. The synergistic combination of these components thus supports accelerated healing, endurance, and promotes an overall physical performance. The contents of each pack of this supplement are both dairy-free and gluten-free.  It contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

Keto OS Max is a lab-tested proprietary formula designed for those seeking a better, more effective type of weight loss.

KETO OS Max is available in all flavors with & without caffeine. It comes in three delicious flavors in 2019: Swiss Cacao, Raspberry Lemonade, and Maui Punch. It’s designed specifically for Dr. Chad Larson’s KetoMED Program.

Among the most popular supplements available is the raspberry ketones. Raspberry ketones cause the fat within cells to be broken down or help the fat metabolism in a much more effective manner. This further helps your body burn fat faster and thus eases the process. They are also claimed to increase levels of adiponectin, a hormone that helps to regulate metabolism.

Keto OS Max is proved that it is a lab-tested proprietary formula which has been exclusively designed for those seeking a better, more effective type of weight loss.

Some of the most significant benefits you will experience from this drink are:

1.  Increased Energy Levels:

As the body would reach out for the fat storage for energy, one could lose weight without the feeling of being fatigued or burned out.

2.  Optimized Focus

As an outcome of this stage, one will have the right amount of mental energy and clarity of thought. This mental ability would help on good focus on work or studies, not disturbing the daily chores.

3.  Burning of fats:

Here the fat stores of energy will be used to release energy. This, when combined with exercise and a low-carbohydrate diet, will help to burn the fat.

4.  Delicious Taste:

This formula is not just designed to work efficiently, but it is also flavored, keeping your taste buds in mind. Most energy drinks come up do not taste all that great in flavor. In contrast to this, Keto OS Max is made to be well-done and tasty. The product offers a rich, fruity flavor giving an option for everyone and hence, they could opt for a taste that would prefer, and go with any of the available flavors.

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What does 'keto' mean? The word 'keto' comes from how it allows the body to produce small fuel molecules called 'ketones.' Ketones refer to an alternative fuel source for the body, used when blood sugar (glucose) is in short supply. The liver produces these ketones from fat that serve as a fuel source throughout the...