Does weather affect mood? The answers we have may shock you. Here are nine surprising ways the weather affects your emotions.

Feeling a little sad or lonely even when there’s nothing wrong going on? It might not be the circumstances you go through but the weather!

Does weather affect mood? Is there any truth to this belief?

The short, scientific answer is yes. That’s why it’s important to understand how we as humans react to our environment, specifically to the weather. It will ensure that you can prepare yourself better for climate shifts.

Ready to learn how the weather affects your mood. 

1. A Lack of Sunlight Can Make You Sad

Does weather affect mood? It can and there is a scientific explanation for it.

There is a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) that affects you due to lack of sunlight. It’s common from October to April since the amount of daylight decreases a lot. When you don’t get enough sunlight, your body will make more melatonin — the hormone that helps to make you sleepy.

As you become more sluggish, your serotonin levels decrease. This neurotransmitter will affect your appetite, sleep, mood, and sexual drive. What this means is that you’ll feel sad regardless of your situation.

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2. Cold Temperatures Make You Lethargic

If you’re living in the cold, your sensory feedback, dexterity, strength, blood flow, and balance become hampered. This affects your ability to complete complicated physical tasks. That’s why you become more unmotivated to hit the gym when you experience the morning chill.

3. Sunlight Makes You Spend More Money

Recent studies found out that more sunlight exposure makes you spend a lot more. The main reason behind the findings is the fact that sunshine makes you feel more positive. As a result, you become more motivated to shop more.

If you’re looking for a silver lining to the cold, shorter days of fall, this is it. You will now have more means of saving money as you stay home and enjoy some hot drinks while watching your favorite shows.

4. Rain Causes You to Eat More

As said before, the lack of sunlight will make your serotonin levels drop. With this decrease, your body will start craving for carbohydrates even more. The main reason is the fact that eating carbohydrates spark immediate serotonin increase and make you feel better.

But this spike in happiness won’t last long since serotonin levels drop within a short time. Regardless, you can try eating starchy vegetables like potatoes instead. They’re as comforting as other carb-rich foods like spaghetti, but they got more vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

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5. Rain Causes Pain

Clouds and rain will become more likely as soon as the atmospheric pressure decreases. It will make your body fluids move from blood vessels to tissues. That means your nerves and joints have added pressure, causing more pain and stiffness while reducing mobility.

A good solution is to start practicing yoga when it’s the rainy season. If you continue with your cardio, your knees and shoulders will make you regret that decision later on.

6. Being Outside Improves Memory and Creativity

If you spend at least half an hour outside when the weather is great, you’ll get a better mood. In turn, your memory and desire to learn more both increase. The best part is that your creative juices will start flowing better.

That’s why it’s best to get up from your office desk and take a 30-minute walk during lunch break. It doesn’t matter whether it’s cold, as long as it isn’t hurricane season. It’s already enough as long as the sun is out and shining.

7. You Become More Romantic and Helpful on Sunny Days

A sunny day increases your energy, making you more open to romantic possibilities. After all, the summer season is the best time for happy activities like picnics, beach walks, and boating. It’s better and more romantic when you spend it with your loved one.

Also, the happiness you feel on a sunny day will make you feel more willing to help other people. That’s why it’s better to set your volunteering schedule to a sunny day. You’re more willing to make a difference, and so are the other people you’re with.

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8. You Become More Aggressive When It’s Hot

Feeling hot-tempered? Do you get angry more often than not?

It might not be the issues you deal with but the higher temperature. When it gets hot, so does the probability of people getting angry and impatient. 

Higher temperatures give energy, but with it come higher levels of aggressiveness. It’s even made worse by the humid, sticky weather. Anyone who experienced discomfort during hot weather will attest how easy it is to become annoyed by minor inconveniences.

9. Cloudiness Make Flirting Less Effective

This is one of the unexpected side effects of weather. But recent studies show that people become more appreciative of flirting whenever the sun is shining. The study used an objectively attractive 20-year-old man to approach women in public, flirting and asking for their phone number.

The result is that 22% of women asked had affirmative reactions during sunny days. It’s much higher since only about 14% respond during cloudy days. It isn’t the best method, but this experimental evidence can still help you plan out your romantic confessions.

Yes, this means you should hold onto plans to meet and socialize if the weather seems grim and cloudy. Things might not work out in your favor simply because the weather affected people’s moods.

Does Weather Affect Mood? Find Out More Today!

Does weather affect mood swings? Yes, it can, and this list is a great starting point to help you understand the different conditions. Some people experience mood swings simply because the weather affected how they feel and now you can figure out how and why.

But why stop here? If you found this post entertaining and educational, read more of our guides and learn new things today.

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Does weather affect mood? The answers we have may shock you. Here are nine surprising ways the weather affects your emotions. Feeling a little sad or lonely even when there’s nothing wrong going on? It might not be the circumstances you go through but the weather! Does weather affect mood? Is there any truth to this...