There comes a time in life when all of us have to take a drug test, whether for work, traveling or other purposes. Drug tests are intrusive, sure, but they are a necessary process, and there is nothing we can do about them.

According to some state laws, a positive drug test represents a serious felony that could damage your personal and professional life. Furthermore, many public institutions, like colleges, universities and private and public places of employment perform intensive background checks, some of them consisting of asking candidates to submit drug tests.

If you are about to be submitted to a drug test and you are on edge, do not worry. There are many home remedies through which you can completely detox your body and, by extension, pass the drug test. Here is how you can achieve this with natural herbs.


The dandelion is one of the few herbs that are entirely beneficial to the human body, as you can use its roots, flowers, and leaves to your advantage. Their staple bright, yellow flowers are rich sources of antioxidants, which can enhance the living liver cells and replace the dead ones.

On top of that, the flowers can be used as an ingredient for a delicious detox tea – all you have to do is place them in a pot of water and let them simmer for about 20 minutes. Drink two dandelion flower teas per day, and your chances of passing the drug test will rise significantly.

The leaves, on the other hand, have a high amount of potassium, which makes them great for diuretic purposes.

Although quite bitter in taste, this is exactly the reason why it stimulates the liver and gallbladder, improving digestion and boosting the body’s ability to eliminate toxins – which is especially useful prior to a drug test.

Burdock Root

Burdock root is one of nature’s most effective blood cleansers and home remedies for drug tests. Although some people might not find this herb very tasty, its high amount of detoxifying nutrients (vitamins E and C, magnesium, folic acid, etc.) is reason enough to consume it.

Similar to dandelions and juniper berries, the burdock root is an effective diuretic which, upon regular and responsible consumption, contributes to the detoxification process of the body by helping it eliminate toxins and other unwanted chemicals from the bloodstream through urine.

The preparation process is quite straightforward. Before preparation, break the burdock in half and remove the sap.

Grab the sap, boil it in a hot pot of water and wait until it turns into a homogenous mixture. Afterward, all you have to do is let the mixture cool down and drink it two, three times per day.

It is worth noting that burdock root, as potent as it is, is not recommended to people who have no prior experience with detox programs. If you have not gone through detox diets before, the burdock root will make you feel nauseous and ill because it targets the kidneys and livers.

Therefore, it is a good idea to accommodate your body with other detox herbs before using this particular herb.

Chaparral Poke Root

Chaparral poke root has been used by Native Americans for generations for its health benefits. A powerful antioxidant, containing high amounts of NDGA (nordihydroguaiaretic acid), this root is a potent cleansing agent for the blood, liver, lymph system and, most importantly, the urinary tract. Therefore, it is quite obvious why this root is the perfect choice if you have an upcoming urine drug test.

There are several ways to prepare the tea. You can either boil the dried root and consume several times a day as it is, or you can combine it with other detox herbs (like dandelion and red clover) into an all-encompassing, strong tea that will flush all the toxins out of your body.

However, make sure to do the proper research and consult with your personal physician before employing the latter method, as the mixture can trigger some very unpleasant side effects on certain people.

Red Clover

The red clover is overall one of the best home remedies for passing a drug test because it acts as a potent cleansing agent. The flowers alone are capable of encouraging the body to eliminate any waste from the bloodstream. However, make sure to not consume it in excess, as it can trigger some very unpleasant side effects like nausea and dizziness.

Consult with your doctor before starting a treatment based on red clovers.

Similar to other herbs, the best way to consume red clover is in liquid form. Grind the clover thoroughly and put a bowl of water on medium-high heat. After the water reaches the boiling point, pour the clovers and wait until it turns into a mixture. Drink the red clover tea twice a day, and you will have no problems passing the urine drug test.


Submitting a drug test is something that we all go through at some point during our adult lives, and getting negative result could have some disastrous results to our personal and professional lives. That is why, if you have an upcoming drug test, it is best to take all the necessary precautions.

Thankfully, there are many natural remedies – like red clover, burdock root, and others –  that you can easily prepare from the comfort of your own home so you will not have to worry about getting a bad result. Make sure to read through this article, and you will get all the information that you need.

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There comes a time in life when all of us have to take a drug test, whether for work, traveling or other purposes. Drug tests are intrusive, sure, but they are a necessary process, and there is nothing we can do about them. According to some state laws, a positive...