Bunions appear when the bone or the tissue at the joint at the bottom of the big toe is being displaced. After several years of pressure on the joint and all the abnormal movement, the big toe starts bending towards the rest of the toes and this leads to lump on the joint, which often times causes pain.

During the process of walking, a great deal of your body weight is put at the base of the big toe, which means that bunions can cause severe and continuous pain. It might even become too painful for you to wear shoes because the joint can become pretty stiff and painful.

For This You Do Not Need Surgery 5 Ways To Remove The Knuckles And Heal Swollen Joints in Just 7 Days!

This condition is very often hereditary and genetically caused, and it is thought that around 60 percent of the patients suffering from hallux valgus have a family member with the same deformation. The most prominent symptom is pain, mostly because of the pressure that shoes put on the toe, and there is also the inflammation which is a frequent result of this irritation. Besides on pain, numerous patients complain on secondary deformations of other fingers or secondary degenerative changes in other parts of the foot, such as the middle of the foot.

At the beginning, it is advisable to clean the body of salt deposits in the following way:

  • take a tablespoon of minced bay leaf and add 300 milliliters of water to it, then cook it in an enameled pot for about five minutes. Do this in the evening hours
  • when the cooking is done, put the mixture in a thermos and leave it like that until the following morning
  • in the morning, strain the mixture and start drinking it in small sips, and not at once. Make sure there is enough for the whole day
  • repeat this procedure the following three days, and every night prepare a new, fresh drink
  • after seven days, repeat the three-day procedure once again
  • you will have a frequent need for urinating, and that is completely normal. It indicates that the salt in the body has started dissolving and it has started to slightly irritate the bladder
  • in ten days approximately, you are supposed to feel the first results. You will feel relieved throughout the whole body, and the pain in the joints is going to start reducing
  • this recipe is also beneficial when it comes to naturally getting rid of stones in the bile and turning them into sand
  • the total procedure lasts for about two months, and after the two months the bunions on your feet will disappear totally

Solution made of bay leaves

  • you are going to need five big bay leaves. You should mince them first, and then pour 100 milliliters of 96 percent alcohol over them and leave them like that for a week. After one week, strain the mixture.
  • coat the bunions with this mixture you got, having the feet previously soaked in warm water with some baking soda in it (one tablespoon of baking soda for three liters of water)
  • after the soaking of the feet, wipe them well, apply the mixture and put on cotton socks and lie down.

Another great tool for relief from painful bunions, joints and other phenomena of this kind is iodine with aspirin.

  • take five pills of Andol or Aspirin (200mg), mince them and add 10 ml of iodine to them
  • mix well until you get homogenous, colorless mixture, which you get once the aspirin dissolves in the iodine
  • apply this solution to the painful areas (joints that ache, ankles, as well as other growths). Repeat this every night, before going to bed, and make sure the area is well warmed during the night. Soon, you will notice the positive results
  • the pain and the deformations from the deformed knuckles can be reduced by regular soaps
  • you should take soap, grate it and apply it on the affected area by massaging it. Then wash the area, dry it well and draw the foil with the iodine.
  • the recommended way is to soak a cotton swab into the Povidone iodine and then draw it over the knuckles and other affected areas
  • you should make a network of vertical and horizontal lines, or squares, nearly 1 cm apart, because the iodine that is applied in this way is best and most easily absorbed
  • leave the iodine dry on the skin before you put on your socks. You should repeat this procedure for 30 days.

You can also make a solution using lemon juice and iodine in the same ratio and apply it on the bunions. This is pretty efficient when it comes to ‘plantar fasciitis’.

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Bunions appear when the bone or the tissue at the joint at the bottom of the big toe is being displaced. After several years of pressure on the joint and all the abnormal movement, the big toe starts bending towards the rest of the toes and this leads to...