We surely all adore our pets. To many of us, they are just like family and we see them as one of the children – the furry one. We all know that we watch what we give our children to eat. Is the case with our pets the same? Very often, the ads for pet food say that they sell “real” food, but still, in the end, it all comes to ingredients such as gluten meal, corn by-products and animal by-products. You are probably familiar to Nestle’s brand Purina Beneful, which is one of the most popular dog foods. But did you know that this company faces a class action lawsuit that says that the food they sell causes some serious health problems and even death in more than 3,000 dogs.

Purina’s Beneful Brand Has Poisoned and Killed Thousands of Dogs

We dug a little bit into the Beneful consumer reviews and we have noticed that story after story, the dog consumers were suffering from massive internal health problems. This is an alerting situation and reminds us to take a closer look at the food we give to our dogs and start replacing the chicken by-product meal with actual chicken.

What’s the Deal with Conventional Dog Food?

Numerous dog owners await the decision in the class action lawsuit against the Beneful brand. The symptoms of the health problems this dog food has caused in dogs are pretty much the similar in almost all reviews. The dogs have started becoming inconsistent; they have gotten seizures, internal bleeding, their livers started functioning badly etc. Two substances are thought to be the cause of the most of the damage: the first one is propylene glycol, a chemical used in antifreeze that even besides that has been approved by the FDA for dog food, some cake mixes and salad dressings; products that contain this ingredient have been forbidden in Europe. Even though it is thought to be less poisonous than ethylene glycol which is usually used in antifreeze, it is still dangerous for your dog to ingest.

The second ingredient that is thought to cause the dog poisonings is mycotoxin, a substance that comes from inappropriately stored grains. In the lawsuit, there was a great number of liver failures provided, so it makes sense that that has been caused by toxins. Dog foods in general contain great amounts of grain from multiple sources, so the examination for contaminated substances is inconsistent and ineffective. Lax examination and regulation combined with the tendency of big companies to meet the bare minimum standards for quality makes it pretty likely that Purina Beneful, as well as numerous other dog foods, do contain mycotoxins. According to several consumers’ reports, the Beneful products they have bought had maggots. A great variety of the symptoms that were reported by the pet owners are consistent with poisoning caused by mycotoxins. However, the threat of mycotoxins is always going to be present, since the conventional dog food relies on grains to a great extent, without further regulating.

Is Homemade Dog Food the Answer?

The fact that the food we give to our dogs mirrors the food we ourselves consume is quite interesting. If you give your dog conventional dog food, then you probably prefer fast food – since they are both cheap and easy. But don’t you think that our pets deserve that we put a little bit more effort into their food just as we do in ours? Maybe you think this is very complicated and time-taking and expensive, but, whatever the case, when you read at least some of the stories we did from the Beneful customers, how these people had to rush to the vet and how they had to watch their loved pets suffer or how they have found them dead, you will get immediately sober. The effort, the time and the money you will put into preparing your dog’s food is going to pay off in the end.

Before you give your dog any food, first check the ingredients. Do not give your dog sugar, preservatives, animal by-products and excessive grains. You should prepare him some dish in your home and feed him a balanced diet of whole foods without chemicals and preservatives whatsoever. You should combine raw and organic vegetables and grass fed ground meat such as bison or beef in a food processor. You can also use different vegetables, except onion, avocado, eggs and so forth. If your dog has any health problems, then the most crucial thing is to feed him a homemade food. Just like any other family member, your dog also deserves a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Show your pet all of your love by simply improving the quality of its food.

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Source: www.realfarmacy.com

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We surely all adore our pets. To many of us, they are just like family and we see them as one of the children – the furry one. We all know that we watch what we give our children to eat. Is the case with our pets the same?...