It is not the first time for us to write about the benefits of lemon water, and there is a good reason behind that – a single lemon can provide 64 percent of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C. lemons are also abundant in potent phytochemicals which in their natural state (unlike in the form of supplements) have been proven to be excellent when it comes to promoting your long-term health.


One of the best ways you can begin your day in is by drinking lemon water. you just need to boil some water, let it cool for a while and then add lemon slices into it.

So what are the benefits, you ask?

By drinking lemon water, you can replace various supplements in a cheap, easy and natural way. Here is a list of 15 common problems you can solve by drinking lemon water every day.

1. Acne

Lemon water is highly beneficial when it comes to prevention of acne breakouts. The lemon has anti-bacterial effects that combat the bacteria that cause the acne. In addition, the water is a purifier that purifies and detoxifies the body, so if you combine these two ingredients, you get a wonderful recipe for clear skin.

You can even wash your face using lemon water – lemon contains citric acid that exfoliates the skin and eliminates dead skin cells that clog the pores and cause excess oil on the face.

2. An Appetite With A Mind of Its Own

We know that lemon water has great taste. Drink it instead of beverages that are much higher in calories, like sugar-sweetened fruit  juice.

If you drink lemon water on a regular basis, you will boost your metabolism, says Alisa Rumsey, spokesperson of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

If you want to eat healthy, you also have to stay hydrated, as this helps in boosting your metabolism. This method of adding some lemon to the water is especially great for the people who do not like the taste of plain water, because now they do not have to add calories.

3. Kidney Stones


Everyone who has ever had troubles with kidney stones knows how much pain and unpleasantness this condition is accompanied by, and there is probably not much in their life that they are more certain that they would never want to experience the same again.

Luckily, lemon water contains natural citrate that aids the process of breaking down the kidney stones or even prevents them altogether. This substance is frequently prescribed as a medication for treating kidney stones. However, now you know that you can avoid the pills and get the substance you need straight from the source.

4. Weak Immune System

Do colds constantly attack you? Do you get sick every time you step outside? Start drinking lemon water right away. Lemon is abundant in vitamin C, which acts as a jumper cable for your immunity.

Lemon water is particularly beneficial for your immunity when you are under stress, as the levels of vitamin C in body drop with the rise of cortisol.

5. Cold and Flu

If you drink lemon water when you have a cold or flu, you will aid your body loosen congestion. It will also maintain your body hydrated. You can also add a little bit of honey to this mixture and it will get even more antibacterial effects. Very soon, you will start feeling much better.

6. Inflammation

Lemon water contains great amounts of vitamin C, a vitamin with potent anti-inflammatory effects. It is frequently used in combination with other asthma treatments to reduce the symptoms of respiratory disease.

Lemon water is also very beneficial for combating joint inflammation as it reduces the accumulation of uric acid in the joints.

7. Hangovers

Maybe it sounds too good to be true, but it is certain that lemon water does help in this case.

It has been proven – lemon water supports detoxification of the body as it boosts the liver function. after a night of drinking, the liver has a hard time to function properly, so you are recommended to squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water and drink up something else for a change.

If you want to quit drinking in general, you should also use lemon water. if you drink hot lemon water on a regular basis, you will cleanse your body of alcohol and control the cravings.

8. Sore Muscles

If you drink lemon water after exercising, you will help your body rebuild itself into a much stronger mechanism by providing it with the nutrients it needs.

Lemon water is alkalizing and thus is able to prevent accumulation of lactic acid in your body. This acid is responsible for the pain and the sore feeling you get the following day after working out.

9. Food Poisoning

If you do not want to get food poisoning, especially when you travel, drink lemon water. lemon contains acid that kills the bacteria responsible for food poisoning.

In case you already have food poisoning, you can drink lemon water anyways, as it is beneficial in this case as well. Increase the effectiveness of lemon by drinking straight lemon juice.

10. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

This is the fancy term for the feeling you get when the stomach acid finds its way back up into your food pipe. You get a feeling of burning and an awful taste. This condition is also related to heartburn.

Lemon water is beneficial for solving this problem because of the calcium carbonate it contains. This compound neutralizes the digestive acids. Lemon water also balances the pH levels of the body and alleviates pain and inflammation in the chest area.

Do you know of some other benefits of lemon water? if you do, share it with us in the comment section.

Here is a recipe of a lemon and ginger drink, which aids in solving all of the above mentioned and more problems. Take a look at the video and utilize all the benefits of this beverage.

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It is not the first time for us to write about the benefits of lemon water, and there is a good reason behind that – a single lemon can provide 64 percent of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C. lemons are also abundant in potent phytochemicals which in...