Dr. Nana Kwame shook the Internet worldwide with his statement.

Here’s what he said about what is happening in his country:

“People around the world need to know what is happening here in West Africa. Big lie spread! The Ebola like a virus does not exist and is not transmittable. The Red Cross brought the disease into four specific countries for specific purposes and only for those with a contract already receiving injections and treatment of the Red Cross. Therefore Liberians and Nigerians began to kick the ,, Red Cross” from their countries and to report the truth,” says Dr. Kwame.5339414-3x2-340x227

Dr. Kwame says:

The reasons for the fictional Ebola virus:

The actual reasons are very tangible. Most people, no doubt, always have in mind, especially about West Africa it is about depopulation. But I assure you that Africa can never be depopulated by killing 160 people a day, when 1000 babies are born daily.

Reason 1:

Vaccine implemented disease named ,,Ebola” has been introduced in West Africa with the ultimate goal to place troops on the territory of Nigeria, Libya and Siera Leone. If you remember America was trying to come to Nigeria because of ,,Boko Haram “. But that story fell apart when Nigerians began to reveal the truth. There are still some abducted or missing girls. Global support is lower and lower, and the fact that Americans bring new troops to Nigeria is to steal the newly discovered oil reserves.

Reason 2:

Sierra Leone’s the biggest diamond exporter. Last four months, they were on strike, refusing to provide the necessary amounts of diamonds due to poor working conditions and low wages. The west will not pay a fair wage for the resources, the idea that these people can survive with a bag of rice and international assistance so that they would remain cheap slave labor hand always. Also a plus is the reason to bring troops on the ground of Sierra Leone that will use force and establish order and will complete the story of the strike by workers in the diamond mines. This is not the first time they do something like this. Often when miners refuse to work, they send troops, who kill or replace workers – miners, it does not matter to them, only the most important is the diamond and the smooth running of the country. Certainly an attack upon these countries will be very suspicious and obvious. But something like ,,Ebola “allows them access to the entire area at the same time.

Reason 3:

The Nigerian theft of stolen oil and involuntary treatment of miners to work in the diamond mines in Sierra Leone, the troops are in charge of forced vaccination with the lethal Ebola – toxin, on those Africans who are not stupid enough to accept voluntarily.ebola-virus-white-people-620x400

Over three thousand troops were sent to secure that this,, poison “spreads through vaccination with the Ebola – toxin. As it spread up through the newspaper and media on the situation in Liberia, and informing the American population with lies and manipulations, more Africans refuse to visit the Red Cross. The troops tasked more people to force them to accept this alleged vaccine, which will ensure that the information appeared on the latest outbreak of the disease called Ebola. In addition, the Red Cross of Nigeria and Liberia will be protected, and not thrown out as the Liberians and Nigerians are trying to expel the Red Cross from their countries.

Reason 4:

Last but not least is that, Ebola will be used to intimidate countless millions of people to be able to receive the ,,Ebola vaccine ” which actually is an epidemic. Such stories have already begun in the US and Dallas that they  already have a vaccine, and how a doctor has been healed.

We need to ask ourselves: If Ebola spreads as they say, from person to person, why the US government allows flights in and out of these countries without any significant and serious adjustments, appropriate for such an easy and deadly epidemic.

A Liberian member of the faculty of the American University wrote in the Liberian newspaper, the Daily Observer, where he claimed that Ebola is the result of bioterrorism, an experiment by the US.

“Reports indicate that the US Department of Defense is funding the Ebola research on people, researches that started just a few weeks before the emergence of Ebola in Guinea and Siera Leone- reports International Business Times.

Also we see the emergence of Ebola coincides with UN vaccination campaign. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry will profit from the Ebola crisis, when high government officials and UN bureaucrats will signthe  multimillion contracts.

The worst that can happen is obligatory vaccination which will make the spread even bigger.

Did you know that the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has patented the Ebola virus? The US government is its owner. As told in NaturalNews, US Centers for Disease Control owns the patent on a particular type of virus Ebola known as “EboBun.” It is patent br.CA2741523A1 and it was awarded in 2010.

Why patent? Patents on Ebola are strange, it is the same as trying to patent cancer or diabetes. Why government organization claims to have “invented” this contagious disease, and they have the permission for commercial use?


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Dr. Nana Kwame shook the Internet worldwide with his statement. Here's what he said about what is happening in his country: 'People around the world need to know what is happening here in West Africa. Big lie spread! The Ebola like a virus does not exist and is not transmittable. The...